Finote Hiwot Description
Creating Safer School for Girls
Child Marriage Types, Causes and Consequences
Economic Incentives
School Campaign
Capacity Building
Community Based Conversations
Finote Hiwot - ENd Child Marriage Programme
School Based Activities


ECMP Out-of-School Girls-Children Strategy
ECMP Male Engagement Strategy
ECMP Child Protection Policy Updated January 2017
ECMP Leaflet on CM and GBV
ECMP Girls and Female Empowerment Presentation English
ECMP Gender Mainstreamiong Training Hand Out English
Finote Hiwot Newsletter - 6
Finote Hiwot Newsletter - 9
Finote Hiwot Newsletter - 8
Finote Hiwot Newsletter - 5
Finote Hiwot Newsletter - 4
Finote Hiwot Newsletter - 1
Finote Hiwot Newsletter - 7


ECMP Quarterly M&E Review Meetings Guidelines English
ECMP MSC Implementation Manual English
ECMP Government CM Joint Planning Schedule
ECMP Exit Strategy
ECMP Activity Monitoring Checklist English
M&E training pre-post training eval form (English)
M&E Training- final training evaluation form (English)
M&E Training Daily Evaluation Form (English-May 2016)
MSC training pre-post training evaluation form (English)
MSC Training- final training evaluation form (English)
MSC Training Daily Evaluation Form (final May 2016)
CCFs & CDFs monthly meeting reporting format (English)
CCM-K-Reporting form for cancelled child marriages (English)
EI-K4 School quarterly progress report (narrative-rev Jan 15)
EI-K5 SACCO focus groups (narrative-rev Jan 15)
HTP-K-Kebele HTP Committees Reporting Format final draft)
K-MSC- MSC story collection forms (English) -rev
HTP-W-Woreda HTP Committees Reporting Format (final draft)

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Community ConversationsĀ

Economic Incentives

School Based Activities

Capacity Building & Monitoring and Evaluation