Heads of Standing Committees in the Amhara National Regional State Council Held a Consultative Meeting on Child Marriage

The Amhara National Regional State Council has six different standing committees such as: Women, Children and Youth Standing Committee; Agriculture, Environmental Protection and Water Resource Affairs Standing Committee; Trade, Industry and Urban Development Standing Committee; Human Resource and Tourism Development Affairs Standing Committee; Law, Justice and Administration Affairs Standing Committee; Budget and Finance Affairs Standing Committee. As part of its effort in strengthening strategic engagement with key government bodies at regional level, the programme has been intimately working with the Amhara Women’s Caucus which is known as the Women, Children and Youth Standing Committee. One of the major roles and responsibilities of this Committee is to oversee how practicable are the laws and conventions, which are declared with the purpose of benefiting women and girls in the region.

It is with this objective that W/ro Destaye Tilahun, the Head of the Committee, brought together her committee members and visited Finote Hiwot’s school club activities, Economic Incentives and Community Conversation in selected woredas. Findings from the field visit showed that school clubs, especially mini media, are playing essential role in addressing the entire community through drama, monologues, poems, narration and other artistic works.  It is also found that trained Community Facilitators are successfully running community conversations at kebele level for they are recruited from key religious leaders and influential persons.  

A consultative meeting was held with all Heads of Standing Committees in the regional council with the purpose of discussing the findings obtained from the field visit, to look for additional support from the woreda and kebele Councils, and to provide recommendations for future undertakings. It is disclosed that child marriage is one of the major concerns of the regional