A girl of Determination, Wurest Adane

This is the story of Wubrest Adane, a young girl of 11. She is a fourth grader at Lagenie Primary School in Dejen Woreda, and she wants to be a member of Girls Club in her school. Two years ago her parents arranged for her to be married at the age of 9, but she resisted.  Her School Director sent her for the ECMP school clubs training because she had boldly challenged her parents’ proposal and proved to be a role model for her peers. Her father, AtoAdane, tells that he had no intention to give his daughter in marriage, but it was his wife that insisted on the idea of giving her daughter in marriage and had persuaded him to go along with  the proposal. Because of his daughter’s determination, he has changed his attitude and acquired a lesson about the consequences of child marriage. Now he wants to teach everyone in his community to fight the practice of child marriage.