Personal Testaments from School Girls

My name is Hanna Taddesse, I am 15 years old and I am in 7th grade at Ambaye Primary School. I am a member of Girls Club in my school. In our club we discuss issues that young girls face in the school and the community. In November 2012 I was selected for Finite Hiwot’s training from Girls’ Club and participated in the training with my teachers. After I completed the training I came back to my school and shared what I have learnt from the training. Along with our teachers we have been able to conduct lots of discussions and to educate girls to protect themselves from Child marriage. What I really appreciate from the training is that it was mainly focusing of the issue of girls and women (child marriage and HTPs). On the training we also learnt about the story of Alemnesh (which is included in the school clubs manual).  Based on this story, I informed girls in my school to protect themselves from child marriage. The training also helped me for my personal development in the sense that it helped me to develop self confidence. Previously I was shy and could not express myself in front of people, but now due to the training I received, and through school club discussions, I have developed a sense of self-confidence. The training also helped me to interact with my teachers more easily because we trained together as equals.  Now I feel I can easily express my feelings and ask questions in classes. Based on my experience I recommend that it is crucial to strengthen school clubs in order to protect young girls from child marriage and HTPs.